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One may simply click "Single Player" on the menu, then either have a skirmish with the AI or start the campaign. The campaign includes a tutorial on the very basics of real-time strategy games, so those new to it are recommended to go there first.



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Getting startedEdit

Left-clicking the mouse allows the player to select units and buildings, while right-click deselects units. Dragging left and right while the right mouse button is held will move the camera clockwise/counterclockwise. The mouse wheel zooms the camera in or out. Moving the cursor to the edge of the screen will scroll it. There are three points of view available to the player. The default view selected is the overhead view, which can be selected with the Numpad 0 button. Numpad 2 activates the zenith view, where the player can move the camera on the ground. Numpad 1 is the famous first-person view. First-person view can only be activated if the player has selected one unit. In first person, the player uses the arrow keys to move forward, backward and rotation of the selected machine. Left-click will activate the machine's selected weapons, if it has any. Holding right-click will allow the player to swivel the machine's head if it capable of doing so. Tapping the right mouse button will swivel the machine's head back to the front. Pressing TAB will switch between the machine's weapons. The main resources in the game are called Building Material Units (BMUs). There are many ways to accumulate BMUs. The primary way of collecting BMUs is extraction with the use of a mine. First, a locator unit must be used to scan the landscape for mineral deposits. When one has been found, the locator will deploy a marker on the ground. The player must then use a constructor to build a mine on or near this marker. Once completed, the mine will begin extraction of minerals. Depending on the type of mine that is constructed, it may only hold a certain amount of minerals before stopping extraction. The player must use transporter units to transfer the BMUs from the mine and into a smelter before the mine will start extracting again. There are three types of smelters in the game. The Seeding Pod itself acts as a smelter. Though the player may start the game with more BMUs than they can store, they will not be able to store any more if they do not build more smelters. There are two types of factories in the game: Military and Civilian. Military factories produce units equipped for battle, while civilian factories produce unarmed units that build, research, locate or transport. In order to produce better and stronger units, researcher units must be placed into a lab (military/civilian) where they will research new units. Once the units are researched, they may be produced from the factories.